Service Videos

Does Motor Oil Additive really work?

Here our Service Manager and BD Rep are demonstrating why motor oil additive is important and how it works.

 Why you should have the Engine Performance Service.

Help extend the life and performance of your vehicle by having an Engine Performance Service completed.  It will break up the build-up in the motor and safely remove it.

Heet VS BG Fuel System Drier. What works best?

There is a significant difference between HEET and BG Fuel System Drier.  Here is a short video showing you the difference and why using a fuel system drier is important.

Why you need a Transmission Flush.

Transmission fluid breaks down with time and use.  Without proper maintenance, it can affect the longevity of the life of your transmission.   To get a better understanding of that check out this video.

The correct way to jump-start a vehicle.

Save yourself the money and headache by watching this short video to show you how to properly jumpstart a vehicle.  Done incorrectly, you can destroy important modules, that are expensive to replace.

Certified Vehicles at Brad Deery Motors

Certified vehicles go through a rigorous inspection process.  With the certification, you get the manufacturer warranty extended and other added benefits that vary based on the Manufacturer.