Sell Your Vehicle

Sell Brad Deery Motors Your Car – Maquoketa IA

One of the more common sources of down payment funds that our Maquoketa-area customers use is the equity in their current vehicle. While some of our customers at Brad Deery Motors have equity in their current vehicle, others are upside-down on their existing auto loan. Their hope is to roll the difference into a new car loan. At Brad Deery Motors, we understand how important it is for you to get an amazing deal on your trade-in. Regardless of whether you have positive or negative equity in your current car, rest assured that you can benefit from a fair, fast quote when you sell your vehicle to us.

The Trade-In Process

We make it quick and easy for you to sell your old car to us as a trade-in. Our team is thrilled to give you an estimate on your vehicle, and we can look at any make and model regardless of its age or condition. Simply drive your car to us today, and we will give you a fair offer on it without delay. We can value your vehicle based on its current condition, so you do not need to worry about cleaning it or fixing it up before you walk through our trade-in process. Our vehicle inspection and valuation process are so fast and convenient that you can even let us review it while you test drives one of our new models with help from our sales associates.

Making the Decision

For many of our customers, the decision about whether to purchase a new car hinges on the offer that they receive on their trade-in. We also know that the offer that you receive from us may impact the new car price range that you may consider. Because so many factors are affected by the offer that we give you on your current vehicle, we can provide you with a hassle-free estimate up-front. By doing so, we empower you to step up and make a smart decision about your new car purchase.

Before You Arrive

If you are simply looking for a ballpark estimate on your trade-in to get the ball rolling, use our trade-in value estimator online. You can easily input a few details about your vehicle into the website, and you will receive an estimated Kelley Blue Book value. The actual offer than we may provide to you may be slightly different, based on factors like features, vehicle condition, vehicle history and more. However, this basic online estimate may let you know if now is the right time to drive your car to Brad Deery Motors for a solid offer from us.

Selling your current car to Brad Deery Motors is a convenient way to get out of your vehicle and into a new model that has the style and features that you want. There is no need to hassle with trying to find an independent buyer on your own. You do not need to fix your vehicle up, negotiate with a potential buyer or deal with other stressful, time-consuming situations. If you are ready to learn about the value of your vehicle, use our estimator online. Then, bring your vehicle to us for a quick quote and an easy overall trade-in process.