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Certified auto technicians are more than just mechanics. A regular mechanic might know some of the systems of a vehicle, or they might know all of the systems well enough to perform many different repairs. What they lack is continuing classes and training on specific brand names, such as Jeep repair near Dubuque Davenport Dewitt Clinton area. Our experts never stop learning about the ins and outs of Jeep repair in Maquoketa Iowa. Brad Deery Motors operates one of the finest shops for Jeep repair in Maquoketa. Our commitment to quality never ceases to give customers a true sense of confidence while they await their repairs.

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Brad Deery Motors maintains a clean, organized service shop that sprawls throughout our dealership. You can always sense that the folks that work here near Dubuque Davenport Dewitt Clinton care about your vehicle. Let’s say you’re having a hard day and need a quick oil change. We do our best to fit you into the schedule and make sure that you get service when you need it. Our online scheduler makes it possible for you to schedule right from your computer or mobile device, leaving you with far more time for the good things in life than scheduling auto service. We send you helpful reminders when it’s time to have maintenance on your vehicle, too.

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You’ll find that our list of services covers everything bumper to bumper and under the hood. We start everything off with computer diagnostics and extensive testing and inspections depending on what codes come up. A lot of customers don’t know that computer diagnostics involve more than just plugging the machine in for a code. After a code comes up, there’s a series of complex testing procedures that goes through every possibility. We find the cause of the error, and then we fix it promptly. During your time waiting for us to finish our job, you can enjoy a comfortable waiting environment, taking advantage of free coffee and WIFI. Imagine being able to enjoy a mobile game while waiting for your car to be expertly repaired. That’s the kind of service we offer.

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Sometimes your vehicle will need replacement parts in order to run like new again. When this happens, you can bet that we have a large stock of new and used parts in store, ready to come to the rescue. All of our parts are OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer). Your Jeep was designed and fitted with components that were ideal for its operation. Using third party parts is a cop out to us. We don’t believe in it or advocate for it. It may save a dollar or two here or there for the provider and for the customer, but you get what you pay for when it comes to parts. Jeep vehicles are highly customized. The parts that you use to repair the Jeep should be the same parts that were originally in the Jeep. Warranties often won’t honor third party replacements. We won’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. It’s all OEM parts here at our auto service center in Maquoketa Iowa.

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Not only do you get helpful reminders from us, as well as scheduling through your mobile device, but you get a crew of certified auto mechanics with decades of combined experience in working on the Jeep brand. Don’t forget, though, that we can work on any brand of vehicle you bring to us. We can easily do oil changes, tire rotations, windshield wiper replacement, and so many inspections that you can bet we’ll catch any type of work you need done. We hope that you’ll choose us for our experience, dedication to the Jeep brand, and because we’ve been serving you in Maquoketa Iowa for so many years now. We hope we’ve earned your trust and respect.

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