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Ford Oil Changes in Maquoketa IA

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Ford Oil Changes in Maquoketa IA

At one time, there was not a lot of variety in engine oil. A few companies made oil from the same base oils blended together without a whole lot of forethought or engineering. Nowadays, synthetic oils and additives have revolutionized the lubricant industry. Oils are designed to address so many different elements that are unique to combustion engines, climates, mileage, and duty cycles of the engine. The synthetic oils now being engineered are such impeccable protectors of the engines they fill that you can’t properly break an engine in on a synthetic fluid.

Ford Oil Changes in Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Mustang

Breaking In a Ford Engine

When you purchase a brand-new Ford vehicle from Brad Deery Motors in Maquoketa, it is important that you know how to service those preliminary oil changes of break-in oil. After the first 50 miles, it is already time to come in for a new filter and fresh oil. It is important to keep the RPMs low for the first 500 miles or more. After 500 miles hit the odometer, it is already time to change the oil and filter on a brand-new engine. The next oil change can be extended to 1500 miles. After the final 4000-mile oil change service, it is possible to use a full synthetic motor oil for the life of the vehicle if you change it every 10,000 miles. Breaking in the engine properly with the correct break-in oil regimen is the secret to seating those piston rings and allowing the engine to square itself into shape. If you are too hard on the engine or use full synthetic lubricants that don’t allow for any wear to take place, it will be hard to get the maximum balance and fit of the internal precision parts. After a proper break-in, you can expect your new engine to last 200,000 miles or more before a rebuild if you continue to run it on synthetic fluids for the life of the engine.

Ford Oil Changes in Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Ranger

How Complex are Modern Motor Oils?

A motor oil today is a specially formulated performance blend of 70% base oils mixed with about 30% additive packages. The oils have low-grade and premium base oils blended together to address different aspects of motor lubrication. Lower quality base oils will volatilize, meaning that they will burn up and turn the oil into a thick sludge. Different compounds like zinc, graphite, molybdenum, and phosphorus are added to reduce friction and wear when a film of oil may be insufficient under certain pressures or temperatures. Oils are also loaded with detergents, foam inhibitors, and chemicals that lower the pour-point temperatures. The viscosity of the motor oil is expressed by numbers like 0W-40 and 15W-30. The “W” is a misnomer abbreviation for “Winter”. We say it is a misnomer because it is also used on summer oils. The number before the W indicates the viscosity of the oil at cold start, nonetheless. A 0W-40 may be a great synthetic oil to run at cold temperatures because it remains liquified in cold weather to protect the engine surfaces before it reaches operating temperature.

Ford Oil Changes in Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford F-150

The latter number indicates the viscosity of the oil when it heats up. A 15W-40 motor oil will offer higher viscosity protection in the summer than a 15W-30. The viscosity of the motor oil is simply an expression for how thick the liquid is at a certain temperature range. As any oil heats up, the viscosity drops and transforms the honey-like substance into water. A higher viscosity motor oil offers better protection of delicate surfaces in a hot engine because it retains a thicker film. An oil that is too thick, however, will not pump properly and reduces the effectiveness. Thicker oils are typically used in high-mileage engine oil blends to fill the gaps of incurred wear and tear. This improves the compression of the engine, its running ability, and reduces the friction that prematurely wears engines. Although these engine oils may be rated at 15W-30, they are probably just under a 20W-35 rating.

Ford Oil Changes in Maquoketa IA - 2018 Ford Escape
Why Have Your Oil Changed at Your Local Maquoketa Ford Dealership

No one is more dedicated to the Ford brand than your local Maquoketa Ford dealership. Brad Deery Motors provides Ford oil changes in Maquoketa every day of the work week to keep the fleet of vehicles we sell, lease, and repair running like new. Most Ford’s require a synthetic blend between 5W-20 and 5W-30. Nevertheless, the quality of the oil used and filling it to the proper level makes a world of difference. Many general repair shops in Maquoketa use aftermarket filters that can clog up and choke off oil circulation or will use air ratchets to tighten oil drain pan bolts that destroy the delicate rubber seals. When you trust your local dealership for Ford oil changes in Maquoketa, you prevent damage to components and extend the life of your vehicle.

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