Construction Notice for Brad Deery Motors

At the beginning of May, the city of Maquoketa started a large road construction project on Platt Street. This street runs through the center of town and they are starting on the west side of town. This is where the exit a lot of our customers take to reach the dealership. This page is to help customers find an easier way to get to Brad Deery Motors.

The fastest way, if you are coming from the north, driving on 61 South, is to take a left onto 63rd St before you get to the 158 exit. This is next to the Hurstville Interpretive Center. You will go down that road until you reach the stop sign. Then you will take a right onto Hurstville Rd. This road becomes North Main Street. You will take this all the way into town until you get to the four-way stop signs. You can see the dealership from the stop if you look slightly to the right. At the stop signs, you will turn right on to W. Quarry Street. You will take the next left onto N Second Street. The dealership will be on the right.


Another way to get to the dealership is that you can go past that exit 158 heading south and take exit 156. At the stop sign, you will go right ( you go Left here to go to Brad Deery Ford) on 200th Ave.

200th Ave Turns into S Main Street. You will follow this all the way through the second stoplight.  You will continue straight through the stoplight and then you will turn left at the next stop sign. This is West Quarry St.  You will then take another left onto N 2nd Street.  The Dealership will be on your right.  Below is 1-minute time-lapse video showing you the directions.