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Cadillac dealership near Dewitt Iowa

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Cadillac New Vehicle Dealership

What is more exhilarating than driving around in a new Cadillac? Cadillac is synonymous with world-class luxury and technologically advanced engineering. The status of driving around the country in a Cadillac is only paralleled by the excitement that Cadillac owners feel. Being able to carve their way down the roads with powerful engines and big brakes that stop on a dime have always been hallmarks of the Cadillac brand. Now, the safety features and numerous infotainment upgrades have made them the legendary brand for all ages. Even when most of the domestic vehicles had clung to dinosaur technology and refused to upgrade their best-selling models, Cadillac was pushing the envelope with touchscreen displays and multifunction luxury features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Cadillac dealership near Dewitt Iowa - 2019 Cadillac XT5

Cadillac New Specials & Quotes

Brad Deery Motors is an authorized Cadillac dealership serving Dewitt Iowa. They may be the only authorized Cadillac dealer near Dewitt that is focused exclusively on customer retention by providing excellent customer care. Part of this program is connecting customers with limited-time offers and factory incentives that help them save thousands of dollars off the sticker price. The friendly sales team know the best times for you to stop in and drive away with great savings. They can direct you to the hottest deals on the lots and connect you with fabulous vehicles that make life a celebration.

Cadillac dealership near Dewitt Iowa - 2019 Cadillac XT4

Finance and Auto Loans

Brad Deery Motors is also the authorized Cadillac dealership serving Dewitt Iowa with excellent financing options. Our financing department is committed to sealing the deal. They have been serving Dewitt Iowa residents for years and have the tools to help them find financing with any credit rating. If you have excellent credit and you are looking for low-interest auto loans and instant approval, our financing department has the process streamlined for you to walk in and drive away in the new Cadillac you love. We don’t know of any other Cadillac dealership that is more committed to saving you money and making those sweet deals happen.

Cadillac dealership near Dewitt Iowa - 2019 Cadillac XT4
Cadillac Auto Repair & Service

Brad Deery Motors is the Cadillac dealer near Dewitt with the full-service pit crew on hand to provide the comprehensive service you need. Whether you need oil changes, new brakes, tires, HVAC service, or have a Check Engine Light, our team is well versed in solving the problems trending in these vehicles quickly and without worries. They have access to an exclusive parts catalog that allows them to order Genuine Cadillac parts for every screw, seal, cup holder, and axle in your Cadillac. There is no element of your Cadillac that is unrepairable or only repairable with less worn parts.

Cadillac dealership near Dewitt Iowa - 2019 Cadillac CTS
Request Cadillac Services

Our automotive service technicians receive ongoing factory training. We hand-select the talent that we feel to be the best through an extensive vetting process. These mechanics come from diverse backgrounds of working on a variety of makes and models. They are so into automotive repair that they understand the underlying engineering and why problems occur not simply how to replace the parts when they wear out. When you have this kind of talent in your corner, you can have confidence in your investment lasting for a lifetime.

There is never any reason to book service elsewhere when you consider the special tools, resources, and training necessary to carry out any repair on a late-model Cadillac. The technical specifications that need to be followed to pinpoint the cause of something as simple and routine as a misfire are complex and involved. You may have a bad coil pack. The ignition control module may not be sending the signal. You may simply have an air leak or problem with an injector. There are too many variables involved to gamble with knock-off aftermarket parts and the horse sense of a general repair shop.

Automobiles today are experiencing weird manufacturer and model-specific problems that are related to technology. For example, a certain German manufacturer was known for having bad ABS unit failures that would cause no-start issues. These failures would not provide any computer codes and forced mechanics to guess regarding a variety of possible causes. The last of these to suspect would be the ABS module unless you were aware of the special issues trending in the models. Our technicians have access to exclusive Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s) that help them relate the symptoms of your issue with a national database of reports from owners of the same model.

When our technicians have this kind of brand-specific information at their fingertips, it is easy to save you time and money. When they complete the repairs using only Genuine Cadillac parts, you can rest assured that everything will fit properly and perform as good as the originals or better.

This is why we are the only Cadillac dealer that you should turn to when you experience Cadillac running problems. We are also the only Cadillac dealer near Dewitt that you should book service at when you need something as routine as an oil change because we care about your confidence in the brand. We want to ensure that you are running the correct weight and quality of oil to obtain the maximum number of happy miles in your luxury automobile. Think of us as cheerleaders of the Cadillac brand who want you to have a good relationship with the brand so that we can grow our community resource and serve others just like you.

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