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This fabulous vehicle offers a range of different speeds, a solid rear axle with leaf springs, and an electronic rear locking differential (however, you should consider the fact that this last feature is optional). Therefore, you ought to bear in mind that with this state of the art vehicle we can see that the manufacturer has assembled an arsenal of equipment that is specific to hard-core and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Also, you ought to bear in mind that this vehicle offers a high level of torque from the lowest rpm and when it climbs to over 3,000 rpm this acceleration is made with a roaring noise and with a fabulous force that will impress all kinds of onlookers.

Davenport IA - 2019 Ford Ranger Overview

Exterior - 2019 Ford Ranger

Come on, it's true, you should admit you've thought about the following: Instead of copying everyone else and driving another one of those endless SUVs you always see on the road, why not take it to the limit, and buy yourself an authentic and stylish pickup truck? The more massive hood features new headlamps and a new grille, while the new version features a dark grey metallic finish that is exclusive to its modern style. Furthermore, it is flanked by distinctive and thick air intakes. Black raw plastic wing guards also finish off the appearance of the vehicle while giving it a fabulous dynamic touch. I have a clear preference for this truck, and I like its sporty version that also has a very spectacular look. Also, the Ford Ranger copies the fabulous success of its big brother: the F150. Hence, more and more individuals are attracted to the Ranger because this legendary automobile represents the American dream. At the same time, you ought to be aware that with this 2019 version, Ford has redesigned the Ranger to fabulously modernize it and virilize it with a more successful appearance. Hence, the new Ranger has a look that will please both Americans and overseas consumers in particular.

Davenport IA - 2019 Ford Ranger Exterior

Interior - 2019 Ford Ranger near Davenport

This pickup has a rustic side that also shows through in the cabin. Hence, the cabin is correctly assembled, richly equipped, and mainly made of top of the line plastics. Also, the four-door double cab version is extended, and it is just a few inches shorter than a Rolls-Royce Ghost. This truck has some top-of-the-range gear: there are some excellent qualities in this Ford Ranger. Also, you should consider the fact that the leather and the stitched seats on this version are mixed with high-quality plastics, and this is not shocking given the machine's excellent pedigree. Furthermore, because you are now conscious of considerably more with regards to this pickup truck, you may want to check out a 2019 Ford Ranger near Davenport at Brad Deery Motors, a retailer serving Davenport Iowa. At the same time, you should consider the fact that this automobile dealership is the most suitable destination for you to have a go at getting behind the wheel of this 2019 Ford Ranger.

Davenport IA - 2019 Ford Ranger Interior
Mechanical - Ford Ranger specs near Davenport IA

And despite its very high position, the handling is there on all paved roads. Also, this automobile does not forget to win over the customers of luxury 4x4s, tired of paying a for those overpriced SUVs and who are now ready to buy a pickup. Without going so far as to offer a standard rear differential lock, the Ranger does, however, offer all-wheel drive and even a gearbox. The 5-cylinder has much more panache than the four cylinders of the competitors. As a result, it is found in the 4×4 and AWD SUV category. Also, you'd think it was taken directly off Route 66. But in a changing group, the rules are often brief, and this newcomer brings an impressive and distinct style to the market.

Powertrain - Ford Ranger specs near Davenport

It erases large potholes and even if there is a small unevenness in the asphalt nothing will make it jump. At the same time, and this is following the example of its older brother, this pickup truck has a Raptor version in its range. At the Detroit Motor Show at the beginning of the year, the Ranger announced its transformation with a rather profoundly restyled version, which marks the return of this model. Also, because you are aware of a great deal more in regards to this pickup truck, you might want to take a look at a 2019 Ford Ranger near Davenport at Brad Deery Motors, a dealer serving Davenport Iowa. Moreover, this car dealership is the ideal location for you to try driving a 2019 Ford Ranger.

Davenport IA - 2019 Ford Ranger Mechanical
Safety - 2019 Ford Ranger dealer

You should also consider the fact that this truck offers a potent engine, compelling style, expensive equipment, and it has also received a five-star rating in crash tests. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers many accessories for the Ranger, depending on your use of the machine, whether it is an articulated hardtop or a cab for the bucket. On the other hand, the 2019 Ranger also benefits from a better supply of driving aids and assistance, including an impressive lane holding assistance system, an automatic emergency braking system with an incredible level of pedestrian detection, and a blind spot monitoring system (and this mechanism includes a state of the art trailer monitoring module).


Furthermore, now that you know more about the Ford Ranger, you should check out a 2019 Ford Ranger near Davenport at Brad Deery Motors, a dealership serving Davenport Iowa. Furthermore, this dealership is the perfect place to test drive a 2019 Ford Ranger.

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