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The Ford company builds the Escape in Louisville, Kentucky. Also, for such a large car, the Escape is very easy to handle. Furthermore, the trunk of the Ford Escape has a considerable amount of space. Finally, a Ford Sync system ensures that all your mobile devices are in dialogue with each other. Also, you can listen to your voice messages, read your text messages, use voice controls, and call for help in the local language. Also, the Ford company had the right idea to lower its prices following a recent restyling. It is therefore with a specific ambition that Ford is embarking on 2018. In this area, the SUV is not lagging behind its competitors, who were renewed at the same time.

Dewitt IA - 2018 Ford Escape Overview

Exterior - 2018 Ford Escape

But, overall, the car is imposing without being in bad taste. Now you should be aware that its facelift and new motor also allow it to improve its reliability. But was all this effort worth it? Also, the all-wheel drive, and there is a new generation of all-wheel drive on this new Escape, provides a real gain in safety on icy or wet roads, as you can see this winter. If the length of the Escape increases, its wheelbase remains unchanged. With its tight lines and dynamic chassis, the Ford Escape knows only one direct rival: the Mazda CX-5. But, thanks to economies of scale, its price is attractive. Its modern and sophisticated lines are far from unpleasant, and they reflect the distinctively impressive features of the famous design that makes Ford's present range so successful. Of course, seeing that you have now read some additional data regarding this Ford Excape, you may also analyze a 2018 Ford Escape physically. Accordingly, you should travel to Brad Deery Motors immediately and evaluate a 2018 Ford Escape near Dewitt. Furthermore, you ought to be aware that the Brad Deery organization is near Dewitt, and they concentrate on serving Dewitt Iowa motorists.

Dewitt IA - 2018 Ford Escape Exterior

Interior - 2018 Ford Escape near Dewitt IA

Also, Ford focused on the interior and in particular on the dashboard. Slightly geeky in the equipment of its cars, Ford multiplies on the Escape and this car has an upgraded platform with a new wheelbase. Thus, the vehicle benefits from a beautiful level of interior space and a trunk that is just right compared to the size of the car. The grip of the four-wheel drive is perfect. The same applies to the instrumentation: the counters with their curiously beveled contours assist the onboard computer, which helps the readability of the information. Hence this car is a big step forward. The new Escape is therefore both a road and an off-road vehicle. In other cases, you will not notice any aerodynamic noise. You will also appreciate the lovely design of the instrument cluster and its excellent readability. This car's layout is also convenient when space is limited, and when items need to be loaded into the trunk. This Ford, therefore, also protects the vertebrae and buttocks of the occupants.

Dewitt IA - 2018 Ford Escape Interior
Mechanical - Ford Escape specs near Dewitt

On the four-wheel drive, the torque distribution is adapted wheel by wheel according to grip and allows a driver, when cornering, to brake quickly. Such qualities naturally require extra power and torque. Also, a foot movement under the bumper can open the enlarged trunk. Upgrades also include a pocket holder, the new floor-mounted gear lever, a 12 v power socket, and sizeable adjustable cup holders. The further reduction in displacement which is accompanied, moreover, by a few improvements. Hence, the turbo's response time is excellent, and this car also has an impressive amount of power even below 1,500 rpm.

Powertrain - Ford Escape specs near Dewitt IA

The design team has continued to exercise its taste for advanced upgrades. Also, the generous trunk size allows for quick acceleration, especially with the mechanical gearbox, whose power has not been sacrificed on the CO2 altar. Because it was avant-garde at the time of its launch, the Escape restyle provides some lovely upgrades with regards to its mechanics, thanks to the new motor, and even the technology is new. Aside from that, and given that you have now found out more about this Ford Excape, it is also wise for you to check out the 2018 Ford Escape in person. And so, you might want to arrange to go to Brad Deery Motors right now as well as try driving a 2018 Ford Escape near Dewitt. Therefore, I would also like you to recognize that the Brad Deery company is near Dewitt, and they're dedicated to serving Dewitt Iowa car owners.

Dewitt IA - 2018 Ford Escape Mechanical
Safety - 2018 Ford Escape dealer

Standard equipment includes the following: heated and power mirrors, ABS, ESP, power windows on all four doors, automatic headlight activation, and dual central locking with remote control. Also, this car has dual electronic climate control, curtain airbags both front and rear, an onboard computer, front and side airbags, a cruise control system, automatic wiper activation with a rain sensor, and a rear center armrest with cup holders and ample storage space.


Additionally, now that you have read more about this Ford Excape you should also look at a 2018 Ford Escape in person. Thus, you need to schedule an appointment to visit Brad Deery Motors today, and you should test drive a 2018 Ford Escape near Dewitt. Furthermore, you should realize that the Brad Deery group is near Dewitt, and they specialize in serving Dewitt Iowa drivers.

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