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Jeep's history spans all the way back to World War II. The army was looking for a different type of vehicle to aid in their war efforts. In response, Jeep's first prototype was produced on November 11, 1940 by Willys-Overland, the winner of the prestigious contract. It took them only 75 days to deliver the prototype, and the rest is history. Any of Jeep's vehicles that you're driving has a lot of famous ancestors, some of which helped the allies win World War II. If the early days of the company could win a war, imagine how much it could do in peacetime. Today's modern vehicles are used for different matters - everyday grocery shopping, adventurous off-roading, and pure driving pleasure - but they're no less a part of the heritage than those distant ancestors. As your Jeep dealership near Cedar Rapids, we invite you to learn more about our new vehicle lineup. This year we're serving Cedar Rapids Iowa with a wealth of new models, ones that will make your life easier. Our name is Brad Deery Motors, and we joined the brand's family in 1985 when we opened our first Jeep dealership near Cedar Rapids.

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Jeep Specials & Quotes

Our specials at Brad Deery Motors are well-known far and wide as serving Cedar Rapids Iowa shoppers with a diverse way to save money. Sometimes you want a higher trim that has more features. For example, you might have your heart set on a premium audio system but find that you're short on the trim you want. By offering seasonal sales, everyday specials, and other great deals that other dealers can't afford to match, we give our customers a true way of saving before they even get started. If you want a convenient way to determine what trims you can afford, you can use our free quote system. It's a no strings attached way to get an idea of what a specific model is going to cost you in terms of down payment and monthly payment.

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Finance and Auto Loans

We offer a host of competitive auto loans. With so many lenders competing for your business, you'll get great deals near me Cedar Rapids. Our financing options are flexible, depending on thousands of lenders to give you a diverse array of choices on how to get the most bang for your buck. Our finance team is often described as a pleasure to work with. They know the lenders we work with well, put in a lot of hours going to bat for you, and always listen carefully to your concerns and needs. When you shop at a Jeep dealership near Cedar Rapids, you need a financing team that understands what each specific customer is really looking for. When you have you heart set on a certain model at Brad Deery Motors, our team is there to work overtime. Auto loans with us are always at competitive interest rates. We can also work out leasing arrangements as well for those people who have better than average credit and want more flexibility. The more lenders, the more choice for our customers.

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Jeep Auto Repair & Service

Of all the things that a dealership near me Cedar Rapids does, it's auto service that is often the tipping point for what makes a difference in customer's lives. If you bought your vehicle from us, you can get discounts at times while you come to us for service, and we'll always honor warranties so that you save money on repairs. Our helpful reminders come straight to your mobile device and let you know when you need to show that brand new model a little TLC. Our team is certified by all major automotive authorities to work on this brand specifically, with training in the brand we sell.

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If you've been searching for dealerships near me Cedar Rapids, then it's time to get on the phone with Brad Deery, a dealership that has been serving Cedar Rapids Iowa since 1985. That's a long time ago! Since then, our team has crafted a buying experience like no other dealership out there. We're also an active part of our community, making sure that we participate in events that benefit our loyal customers and others. You might find us hosting a few events of our own throughout the year, as we attempt to make the world around us a better place. Why? Well, we're just a dealership, but we know that our vehicles make a true difference in the lives of the people we work for. When you go to buy a brand name SUV like Jeep's creations, you want a deal who knows the ins and outs of buying in a way that no other dealership does. As we have a massive amount of history behind us, just like the brand we sell, we know how to make everything easier for our customers. Call us today to learn more about our beloved brand, or simply stop by and see us the next time we have a big sale. We'd love to let you test drive one of our many rugged models. Jeep's hard at work creating these vehicles for you. Make sure you come to Brad Deery the next time you need a rough and rugged off-road vehicle.

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