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Ford New Vehicle Dealership

When you begin your search for a new vehicle near me Platteville, what do you look for? Is it excellent customer service and a dedicated sales team providing reliable information about the models you're most interested in? Is it competitive financing rates and incentives to buy that really get you in the mood to drive home in a new car or truck? Maybe it's the way your dealership offers aftercare services like expert auto repair and maintenance so that when you drive away in your new vehicle, you feel like you're well taken care of. Brad Deery Ford, a Ford dealership near me Platteville offers all of those things and much more.

Ford dealership near me Platteville WI - 2020 Ford Escape

Ford Specials & Quotes

One of the most exciting things about shopping at Brad Deery Ford is laying your eyes on some of our specials. When you want to save money near me Platteville, Brad Deery Ford is the place that wants to really help you enjoy the experience the most, and we know that the best way to do that is with a combination of everyday low prices and amazing specials that really make you do a double take. When you look at a car or truck and see our sale, we want you to be so excited about it that you actually give us a call and say, "I want to see that car because of the special you're having." You can get an idea of our everyday low prices here at our Ford dealership near me Platteville by using our online quote platform. You can also get an easy quote by calling us here!

Ford dealership near me Platteville WI - 2020 Ford Mustang

Finance and Auto Loans

Finance arrangements allow you to get set up payments that make sense for you and your lifestyle. Some folks have a little more to spend than others, while others have a lot to spend but don't want to commit too much toward a car payment. It's our finance department at our Ford dealership that helps you get the best arrangement for you. Everyone is different; everyone has a payment goal in mind when they start out near me Platteville. You can count on our financing professionals to step up to the plate and hit a home run for you in terms of financing.

Auto loans at our Ford dealership near me Platteville are also going to help many of our customers get a vehicle that they're truly happy with. You can also count on us for working with lenders who give customers competitive rates and truly generous terms for repayment. Don't settle for just any old payment arrangement. Let our finance team go to work for you and help you get the best deal near me Platteville.

Ford dealership near me Platteville WI - 2020 Ford Super Duty
Ford Auto Repair & Service

Every Ford dealership has a responsibility to give their customers incomparable auto repair and service. You depend on your vehicle to get through life. It takes you to work, to your children's outings, and to meetings with friends. Sometimes it might even help you go on a long drive to clear your thoughts. What you need from a dealership is the peace of mind that comes from knowing if anything goes wrong with that vehicle, you've got a place to turn to that is going to be of immediate help. Our Ford dealership gives you that peace of mind, that safety net for your car. Our services include computer diagnostics, advanced oil changes, filter changes, wiper blade changes, and fluid checks, but we don't stop there. You'll find that we offer hundreds of other services that keep your car running at top performance. You deserve a vehicle that is capable of giving you some of the greatest memories of your life with your family, and our team will work hard to make sure that you not only buy a vehicle like that but also have expert service whenever that vehicle needs it.

Ford dealership near me Platteville WI - 2020 Ford Explorer
Request Ford Services

If you want to own or already have a vehicle, we're the place to call. Maybe you want a brand new vehicle. If you do, you'll find that there are thousands to choose from in our expansive inventory, and we add more every single day. Maybe you know there's a vehicle you want, but you're afraid you won't be able to afford it. No worries! You're going to talk to our finance team, and they're going to make sure that you go home in the vehicle that suits you and your family best. Finally, we welcome anyone who needs world class auto service and repair to visit our service shop. The mechanics there are always willing to lend a hand when you need basic maintenance or even major repairs. Our team all works together to give our customers a peaceful buying and repair experience. Call us today to ask us questions about any of our many services, or you can always call us for a quote or to schedule a test drive of one of our amazing vehicles.

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