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Do you know how to select the right auto shop for Ford repair in Maquoketa? Brad Deery Motors, in operation since 1985, is here to tell you the difference between us and those other shops out there. Ford repair in Maquoketa should adhere to high standards and legal requirements by law. That means when you start shopping for Ford Repair agencies, you need to be steadfast in researching that station and making sure it follows the stringent standards set forth by the authoritative agencies that regulate auto repair in the United States. Here are just a few things to look for.

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Brad Deery Motors near Dubuque Davenport Dewitt Clinton has always been mindful of the standards of service that regulatory bodies set forth for Ford repair in Maquoketa Iowa. Not only do we follow Ford's strict guidelines, but we also have a various array of licenses and registrations that set forth of record of service. You should always look for the Automotive Seal of Excellence on any Ford repair shop that you go to. This seal of excellence is a telling sign of whether or not you're working with a repair shop near Dubuque Davenport Dewitt Clinton that follows high standards for their customers.

Ford Repair in Maquoketa IA - 2020 Ford Explorer

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Estimates are another part of repair work that you should look at. In Maquoketa Iowa, you want a repair shop like Brad Deery Motors. We have up front, in print estimates that give you a breakdown of all possible repair work we find it necessary to do in Maquoketa Iowa. Sometimes a customer has a limited amount of money to spend on a repair. No shop should take it upon themselves to perform work before getting a customer's full approval to do work. Unfortunately, some shops here do that! Not us. When you bring your vehicle in, we're going to perform diagnostic testing and do everything in our power to pinpoint your problem. We have state of the art diagnostic equipment and can usually quickly get down to the crux of the problem. Before we begin a repair, though, you're going to see, in black and white, exactly what you need to pay for.

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Brad Deery has an elaborate vetting process for hiring mechanics. We check licenses, registrations, professional certifications, and prior work history. We do background checks and more than one interview to make sure that we hire the right mechanic for the job. It's all part of our commitment to our customers. We don't believe in hiring average, run of the mill mechanics who know one or two things well. Our belief is that we can only have the most trusted service in the business if we hire certified, educationed, and experienced mechanics to work on our crew. Our mechanics are fully education in the Ford brand of vehicle. They know Ford parts and components like they know their own name. During the background check process, we vet our mechanics for every major area of life. We want men and women who are up to the task of working for one of the most successful dealerships in Maquoketa. Each person needs to work well with the public, have an even temperament, and be patient in all their work duties. Most of all, they need to be experts at Ford vehicles.

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If you've never done business with us before, you might have questions to ask about how things work here. We cordially invite you to give us a call with any questions or feedback you might have. You might have a general repair question to ask. If you do, just know that our mechanics will take the time with you to answer all of your questions fully and let you know what might be going on with your vehicle. We can only begin our repair work, though, if you schedule an appointment and stop by to see us. When you schedule an appointment, you are scheduling with a team in Maquoketa that is going to work their hardest for you. You'll have your issue addressed, and when you drive away from our repair shop, you'll have a Ford that's running like new.

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