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Dewitt Iowa Area 2018 Ford F-150

Vehicle Overview

For the 40th anniversary of the birth of the fabulous F-150, the manufacturer has gone all out with a brand new update of their bestselling automobile. The 2018 Ford F-150 can also be seen as a more playful version of the trucks offered by its rivals. The reason for this playfulness is because you can select the propulsion mode that is the most effective for the driving that you intend to engage in.

This brand new 2018 Ford F-150 pickup truck is from a manufacturer that makes the most advanced trucks which are available on the market today. The appearance is also one of the only points that will remind a driver of the utilitarian origins of this fantastic Ford truck. Moreover, with the larger models, this Ford truck can also be much longer than it would have been otherwise, and this size is somewhat impressive. Also, these sizeable dimensions make this Ford truck well adapted to driving around in large open areas, like out in the countryside.

Dewitt Iowa Area - 2018 Ford F-150 Overview

Furthermore, this manufacturer has a great deal of experience in building this type of vehicle. Therefore, this automobile has a fantastic ability to drive off-road with its 4x4 activated. Also, the steering is impressive, and you will be able to handle any situation that you find yourself in.

Consequently, you will be very grateful for the fantastic handling that this truck has, and for the many years of experience that the manufacturer has with building this type of pickup. Moreover, by driving this automobile, you will appreciate how incredible this truck is. Also, when you are driving it, you will understand how fantastic its design is, and you will be able to see that this automobile was created by engineers who put a great deal of energy into designing this top of the line truck.

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Dewitt Iowa Area - 2018 Ford F-150 Exterior

Exterior - 2018 Ford F-150

In the end, the F-150 may best be described as evolving with the aim of taking over control of the premium sector. Therefore, this automobile may be seen as offering a specific alternative to the Japanese and German pickup trucks that offer premium features and that are similar to this truck in many ways. At the same time, I would like to highly recommend that you head over to our Brad Deery Motors Maquoketa Ford dealership, serving Dewitt Iowa.

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Dewitt Iowa Area - 2018 Ford F-150 Exterior

Interior - 2018 Ford F-150 near Dewitt Iowa

On board the F-150 the dashboard has an excellent style of construction. Also, in the United States of America, this variety of truck has long formed an important and essential part of the overall automotive landscape. Furthermore, all the variants of this awesome truck are very fully equipped. Moreover, unlike some other double cab pickups, the larger version has a considerable wheelbase, and it is also different from its rivals because it provides five real seats for all the people riding in the truck. Consequently, no matter how you may assess this truck, it's always a success in every way that counts.

Mechanical - Ford F-150 specs near Dewitt Iowa

Moreover, the shock absorbers of this awesome truck are very impressive, there is also a great deal of rigidity (and this is normal for a pickup truck), and you may also benefit from a group of off-road tires that can handle any terrain without suffering a great deal of difficulty. There is also the new and innovative design of its cylinder block which is made of graphite. This new form of construction ends up making the engine lighter than it would be otherwise.

Dewitt Iowa Area - 2018 Ford F-150 Interior
Powertrain - Ford F-150 specs near Dewitt Iowa

The most significant aspect of the new updated F-150 is the brand new 3.0-liter V-6. This new V-6 is also a turbodiesel engine. Furthermore, the modern automobile also benefits from some new gas engines. There is also a 10-speed automatic that now has more availability than it did previously.

Safety - 2018 Ford F-150 dealer

Also, you should take advantage of this remarkable automobile that is offered by this manufacturer. If you do, then you’ll find out that this pickup is superior to the others that you may cross on the roads. Never forget, Ford is one of the top manufacturers in the United States of America, and they produce safe pickups that often make many a truck lover dream of owning them. Furthermore, the payload is impressive, and the truck can tow a massive amount of stuff. The driving modes can also be used to vary the steering variables, how the gearbox functions, and how the truck’s throttle response will function.


Therefore, you should make sure that you pay a visit to our Brad Deery Motors Maquoketa Ford dealership, serving Dewitt Iowa. We have also been in the Dewitt IA Area for some time. Therefore, you can rest assured that we have the experience that you need to be able to get the right automobile that will satisfy all your needs.

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