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The late-model Ford- vehicles that are available in our Dewitt area dealership present some of the strongest options available for work trucks and daily drivers. Ford- is the leading manufacturer for sales of light-duty trucks like the legendary F-150. The popularity of this particular model has led to the development of 7 different trim packages, 4 different engines, and the choice between 2 transmissions. In fact, Ford- developed a sophisticated smooth-shifting 9-speed transmission in partnership with GM to maximize the fuel economy and performance of their truck line. The 9-speed transmission takes away the negative and flat feel of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and uses over a million lines of coding to calculate the best performance in any range. When you consider the 3 different cab configurations available and the wide range of trim levels, it is hard to imagine a vehicle with more refined engineering in this class.

Dewitt Area Ford Dealership - 2019 Ford Mustang

Ford Specials & Quotes

Your Dewitt area Ford dealership offers a variety of great offers and savings to get you into the driver's seat. We help our customers save money by providing transparency throughout the purchase process so that they can understand the pricing and value. When we become aware of the availability of factory incentives, we alert our customers and pass the savings on to them. We stand behind our quotes and are willing to negotiate when you bring in trade-in vehicles or you have interest in various package options that we can bundle for great savings. For all these reasons, we are the go-to source for savings in the Dewitt area.

Dewitt Area Ford Dealership - 2019 Ford Explorer

Finance and Auto Loans

Brad Deery Motors is the authorized Ford dealership serving Dewitt Iowa and the surrounding regions. We are a Dewitt area Ford dealership that sells safe and reliable vehicles. In order to ensure that the community is best served by our Ford dealership, we also connect them with lenders who provide financing of automotive loans. These lenders know that our reputation for quality makes any purchase a safe investment. Lenders may be wary of handing out money for used vehicles from private sellers of questionable value. When you are buying from our Dewitt area Ford dealership, however, you can expect a smoother process and great interest rates.

Dewitt Area Ford Dealership - 2019 Ford F-150
Ford Auto Repair & Service

When it comes to keeping your vehicle road-ready at all times and preventing premature wear and tear, the expert automotive service technicians at Brad Deery Motors are your best choice. We believe that they are logically the fittest to figure out the problems with your vehicle and to solve them fast. This is because they receive ongoing factory training and have access to a broad range of exclusive resources that are not available to the commercial chains. You also benefit from the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that are backed by a warranty and identical to the parts originally used to assemble your vehicle. Whether you need new brakes, oil change service, or a running issue corrected, the technicians at our Ford dealership have the experience, tools, and quality parts to provide the highest level of precision.

Our technicians are serving Dewitt Iowa with the technically perfect repairs that they need to maintain the value of their vehicles. The degradation of automobiles begins with poor maintenance. The littlest things can have the biggest influence on the long-term value of a new vehicle. If you do not change a timing belt on time, change the oil regularly, or replace leaky seals immediately, you can suffer catastrophic failures. Keeping a high level of preventative maintenance by replacing severely worn parts before they fail also helps the technicians pinpoint complex running issues.

Dewitt Area Ford Dealership - 2018 Ford Expedition

Because our technicians only install OEM parts in your vehicle, you can expect a perfect fit and optimal running conditions, at all times. The aftermarket parts used by other repair shops can undermine the integrity of an entire system. It only takes one poorly manufactured part to undermine the synergy of an entire system. Parts that are not manufactured to precise standards can put unnecessary loads on other parts and end with premature failures.

Aftermarket parts are reverse-engineered from the original designs and altered by a degree to dodge patent laws. The manufacturer chases after the market created by the original manufacturer to sell substitute parts that are often inferior in numerous aspects. Gravity forged replica wheels are one prime example of a knock-off aftermarket part that simply is worthless for daily driving. These wheels may look like the originals but can crumble and fall apart with ordinary use. It is more expensive to properly forge metals using pressure to change the metals at a molecular level. It is also more expensive to have bench-testing methods in place to ensure the uniformity and quality of auto parts that must endure high-stress.

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If you live in the Dewitt area, Brad Deery Motors is the premier source for all your automotive services. We have been serving Dewitt Iowa area for decades and know what the needs of the community truly are. Our customers expect quality, convenience, and a friendly staff who make them feel at home. It only takes a few minutes of your time to make a phone call or to stop by for service at our dealership. We invite you to stop in for a test-drive to experience the variety of models on our lots.

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