Dewitt Area 2018 RAM 1500

Vehicle Overview

The 2018 RAM 1500 is a durable and dynamic pickup truck with a light-duty label. Three engine blocks are available under the hood of this robust model. The cabin options for this hard-working vehicle include Regular, Crew and Quad. Brad Deery Motors will help you configure and customize the 1500's interior, exterior and mechanical designs.

Dewitt Area - 2018 RAM 1500 Overview

Exterior - 2018 RAM 1500

You'll have fun customizing the exterior body color of the 2018 RAM 1500. Some of the vehicle's most popular paint options include Flame Red, Delmonico Red and Blue Streak. A clear coating is available for most of the colors that are on the menu. Some trims could be painted in exclusive colors that have the low-volume classification. A RAM dealership serving Dewitt Iowa will give you plenty of options in this particular styling category. For example, the Big Horn is available in Detonator Yellow, New Holland Blue and Tree Green. An auto dealer could provide other accessory specials to Dewitt customers. This pickup truck carries the patented RamBox, which has multiple storage compartments and other durable hardware. The All-Secure Central Locking System keeps your valuable safe inside the box.

Dewitt Area - 2018 RAM 1500 Exterior

Interior - 2018 RAM 1500 near Dewitt

The 2018 RAM 1500 boasts a multimedia system that operates on the latest Uconnect 4C NAV software. GPS navigation is one of several applications that you'll see on the 8.4-inch touch screen. A RAM dealer serving Dewitt Iowa will gladly show the vehicle's other connectivity amenities, like the five-year Travel Link and Guardian services by SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Select trims are compatible with the Traffic Plus app. Specials to Dewitt clients might be available on the Alpine sound system that includes nine premium speakers. Some of the 1500's smartphone-optimized amenities include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. An SD card slot and USB ports are also included in the vehicle's high-tech hardware.

Dewitt Area - 2018 RAM 1500 Interior
Mechanical - RAM 1500 specs near Dewitt

The eight-speed automatic transmission system in the 2018 RAM 1500 is available in several editions. An auxiliary oil cooler keeps the gearbox operating at optimal temperatures throughout the year. Changing gears is easy with the rotary shifter that uses simple electronic sequences. You can install a transfer case to support a shift-on-the-fly mechanism. As in previous generations, the 1500 model offers 4x2 and 4x4 drive for reliable handling. As a leading RAM dealer in the Dewitt Area, Brad Deery Motors provides technical specifications on the vehicle's drivetrain and other interconnected components. When you encounter a rugged terrain, the Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension System will neutralize harsh forces and shocks. You could manually adjust this adaptive suspension system to improve off-road handling. For example, the air springs should be raised to a maximum height on rocky or muddy surfaces. By lowering the air springs, you'll reduce the drag forces on this versatile pickup truck. The rear differential axle on this pickup truck is available with an anti-spin design for explosive performance on off-road trails. Rated at 160 amps, the standard alternator provides reliable electrical output on demand.

Dewitt Area - 2018 RAM 1500 Mechanical
Powertrain - RAM 1500 specs near Dewitt

The entry-tier powertrain in the RAM 1500 includes the traditional Pentastar platform that has been widely acclaimed throughout the years. When pushed to the limit, the V6 engine block produces just more than 300 horsepower and under 270 pound-feet of torque. Combustion in the six-cylinder engine is controlled by the Thermal Management System, which prevents overheating during the summer season. This technology also reduces heavy strain that might be exerted on the powertrain at high tachometer readings. This light-duty pickup truck is also available with a V8 engine that displaces 5.7 L on each full stroke. Labeled with the HEMI badge, the eight-cylinder unit pumps out just less than 400 hp and up to 410 lb-ft. The Multi-Displacement System (MDS) optimizes the performance of this iconic powertrain. Variable valve timing (VVT) is standard in the V6 and V8 engines. Customers in the Dewitt Area should ask a certified auto dealer about the vehicle's patented EcoDiesel engine. Featuring six cylinders in a V-shaped assembly, this diesel engine is rated at 240 hp and 420 lb-ft. In 2018, the RAM 1500 was also designed to support several optional installations under the hood, such as the Next Generation Engine Controller. When equipped with the HEMI block, this pickup truck could tow a conventional load of up to 10,620 pounds.

Safety - 2018 RAM 1500 dealer

For 2018, the RAM 1500 was engineered to withstand hazards on and off the road. This light-duty pickup truck is available with the Dynamic Front Crumple Zones that mitigate damage during a crash. Made of high-strength steel, the frame is rigid enough to withstand harsh impacts at fast speeds. Eight crossmembers bolster the frame of this robust vehicle. Customers in the Dewitt Area should also check out the vehicle's active safety technology, such as the Park Assist System that runs on the latest ParkSense suite. Specials to Dewitt auto buyers might be available on the 1500's ParkView camera, which records panoramic views behind the rear bumper. The All-Secure technology gives you the ultimate control over the vehicle's locks, ignition and the signature RamBox. When carrying the appropriate electronic key fob, you could open the driver's door without mechanical insertion.

Are you interested in buying or leasing a light-duty pickup truck? Then come to Brad Deery Motors today. Serving Dewitt Iowa, our auto dealership has a growing inventory of RAM 1500 models. The Big Horn, Rebel, Sport and Express are some of the trims that are available for test drives.

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