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Brad Deery Motors is the Davenport area Ford dealership serving Davenport Iowa and the surrounding area. Brad Deery Motors is dedicated to building a reputation in the community as the trusted source for all your automotive needs. In achieving this feat, our dealership is dedicated to providing world-class service and putting the long-term relationship with each individual customer above short-term profits. This means that if there is ever a dispute over the quality of work or products sold, our high-volume dealership is able to absorb the costs and quickly resolve any issues to guarantee customer satisfaction. We are able to stock a large inventory of new, used, and pre-owned vehicles for lease and sale.

Davenport Area Ford Dealership - 2019 Ford Mustang

Ford Dealership Specials & Quotes

Whether you are looking for special offers on pre-owned and used vehicles, specials for Davenport area service and repair discounts, or just want a stellar quote on a new vehicle, we put together factory incentives and seasonal incentives all the time to lighten the burden on your wallet. Our high-volume business model allows us to attract the best trade-ins and resell after-lease vehicles that we have maintained since day one. You are certain to find the deal of the century when you shop at Brad Deery Motors. Our specials for Davenport are always changing, so please inquire or check back frequently.

Davenport Area Ford Dealership - 2019 Ford Explorer

Finance and Auto Loans

Our financing department has been serving Davenport Iowa residents by connecting them with top-rated lenders. Obtaining financing on a new or used vehicle has never been easier. We have rapport with various lenders who know that our vehicles are a reliable investment. They will not be sweating bullets about customers falling into loan traps that force them to pay high sums of money on vehicles that break down and put their jobs at risk. Our financing department even has access to lenders who specialize in high-risk loans for customers who have bad credit, no credit, or bankruptcy marks on their record. Any individual who is working and trying to repair their credit history deserves a shot at finding the financing to prove that they are creditworthy despite any saint of circumstance in the past.

Davenport Area Ford Dealership - 2018 Ford F-150
Ford Dealership Auto Repair & Service

Our Davenport area Ford service center is all you need to keep your vehicle running like new for the life of ownership. The specialization of automotive repair has created a wide gap between the quality of service performed by general repair shops and authorized dealerships. The diversity of issues that face individual brands and the technical resources needed to confidently diagnose and carry out repairs can only be addressed by specialists who are focused on the brand. All of our automotive service technicians have come to the level of understanding the raw engineering behind the vehicles. This profound understanding allows them to identify problems and comprehend how one small issue may affect an entire system.

Our technicians come from repair backgrounds where they accumulate experience on all makes and models. We then provide them with ongoing factory training to ensure that they fully understand the new technology as it is unveiled for each model. The state-of-the-art computer resources at their fingertips allow them to zero in on the problem and expeditiously carry out factory-quality repairs. Our technicians have exclusive access to Technical Service Bulletin's (TSB's) that alert them to issues trending nationwide in particular models. If the information is not available in a TSB, they will consult the factory repair manuals to carry out any highly technical diagnostics and corrective steps.

Davenport Area Ford Dealership - 2018 Ford Expedition

Whenever you book service at our Davenport area dealership, our service advisors double check whether recalls were issued. We have exclusive access to a full database of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that are identical to the quality parts used to assemble your vehicle at the factory. The database breaks down every element of your vehicle and allows us to special order anything from a special washer to an entire drivetrain. These parts are usually here by the next day and ready to install. They are always a perfect fit because they are matched against your vehicle's unique VIN number.

The genuine factory parts come with a two-year warranty that ensures your continued satisfaction. If for any reason the part fails prematurely, you can have the part repaired or replaced free of charge at any authorized dealership. The record of every repair is entered into a national database for other dealerships to access for the life of the vehicle. When you maintain a perfect service record, you are sure to obtain the highest trade-in and resale prices. Having service carried out at a general repair shop is certain to void your factory warranty.

Request Ford Services

When it comes to lifetime support for your vehicle and quality service that you can count on to maintain your vehicle's functionality, our dealership is more focused on Ford-centric issues and more competent. Whether you are ready to test-drive that new vehicle or need to book service, our dedicated staff are always on call and ready to help. We have been serving Davenport Iowa residents for decades. Be sure to ask about our specials for Davenport when you call or contact us.

Our pre-owned vehicles are some of the best deals around. These gently used vehicles were often maintained since the day of purchase at our dealership. Because we know our technicians perform an exceptional level of maintenance, we can stand behind these vehicles and extend the warranties.

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