Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Brad Deery Auto Group Community Involvement - Maquoketa IA

Since 1985, Brad Deery Auto Group has been an integral part of the Maquoketa community. While other auto dealerships simply sell cars and service vehicles, we have a true desire to serve the community in a wide range of ways and to make a solid, regular contribution to the area that transcends providing automotive services to customers. Brad Deery purchased this family-owned dealership from his uncle when he was only 26 years old, and the dealership's dedication to community service in and around Jackson County begins with him.

Giving Time, Energy and Money

Brad Deery is personally interested in helping the community in many ways, and his passion permeates throughout the dealership and its employees. The dealership and its team are actively involved in a wide range of organizations and special events that serve the area in different ways. Thousands of dollars or more may be donated to different organizations supporting important causes each year, but the dealership's team offers more than financial support. For example, the team often volunteers time and energy in their free time off the clock and on behalf of the dealership.

Giving back to the community

Jackson County Pro Rodeo

We sponsor the Jackson County Pro Rodeo each year. That is coming up June 18th, 19th, and 20th. We do different things there each night. We always do face painting on Thursday (Kids day).

Jackson County Pro Rodeo


Jackson County Fair

We are helping sponsor the Jackson County Fair from July 28th to the 31st.

Jackson County Fair

A Well-Rounded Range of Causes

Maquoketa and the rest of Jackson County are truly diverse. At Brad Deery Auto Group, we know that there are many important causes that need support, and we actively do our part to support the community and its interests in many ways. For example, we have been supporting the Jackson County Pro Rodeo for many years and in various ways. Face painting on kids' day is only one of the many ways that we participate in this important community event. We likewise sponsor kids' day at the Jackson County Fair. We have also recently donated $10,000 to the Goodenow Field to support updates to the football field that local high schools use. We focus on community health by supporting the American Cancer Society, CPR training sessions for the local middle school, Hospice of Jackson County and the Jackson County Regional Health Center. We also support a wide range of other important community events and groups, such as the Asbury Eagle Club, Operation New View, the Jackson County Historical Society, the local fire department, the local chamber of commerce, the local 4H club, the YMCA, the Jackson County Cattlemen and many others.

A Desire to Serve

Whether we are helping you find the right new car to purchase, providing service for your car or helping the community through financial donations and volunteerism, we are focused on making Maquoketa and all of Jackson County a better place. When you make the decision to purchase your vehicle from us or to bring your car to us for service, you can feel confident that your support of our dealership trickles out to the many causes that we support.

We are thrilled to tell you more about our most recent community involvements. When you stop by Brad Deer Auto Group soon to view our inventory and to meet with our Maquoketa sales associates, you can learn more about our strong desire to serve our customers and our community.

Here are just a few of the ways Brad Deery Auto Group gives back to our community:

  • Jackson County Pro Rodeo
  • Jackson County Fair
  • Little Bear Park Project
  • Maquoketa YMCA
  • Loras College
  • Jackson County 4H Youth
  • Maquoketa Community Schools
  • Maquoketa Chamber of Commerce
  • Maquoketa Athletic Boosters Club
  • Maquoketa Fire Department
  • Jackson County Cattlemen
  • Hospice of Jackson County
  • Jackson County Regional Health Center
  • Maquoketa Library
  • IMCA Racing
  • Farm & Home Show
  • Delmar Lions Club
  • Maquoketa Kiwanis Club
  • Sacred Heart School
  • American Cancer Society
  • Andrew Athletic Boosters Club
  • Asbury Eagle Club
  • Maquoketa Junior Cards Baseball
  • Jackson County Historical Society
  • CPR training Units for Maquoketa Middle School
  • Easton Valley Schools
  • Operation New View
  • Let's Play – Preston Playground Project
  • Maquoketa PACK
  • Club Hope
  • Pictures with Santa

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