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To begin with, a car dealership with outstanding inventory, enabling financing, expert servicing and knowledgeable parts people will make all the difference in your car buying experience. With a big inventory to choose from, Brad Deery Motors in Bettendorf offers an impressive array of services. You can buy a brand new 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD LTZ crew cab 4X4 diesel, as well as a 2019 Chevy Tahoe LT 4X4, both for winning prices. On top of that, take a look at the 2019 Chevy Traverse LT Leather with 151 actual miles. Above all, this sporty mid-size SUV Traverse will answer all your commuter and off-road needs, and it comes in an eye-popping Cajun Red Tintcoat! If you really want to trade in that sedan for an SUV, the 2019 Chevy Equinox Premier in the AWD configuration has arrived and it's ready to test drive. On the other hand, you May want a mid-size pickup like a 2019 Chevy Colorado LT 4WD with a bright summit white paint job and a jet black interior! It's got two test miles on it! How about a sporty 2019 Chevy Malibu? Get them while they're still around! The black metallic exterior on jet black interior works well! Alongside that is a compact SUV in the 2019 Chevy Trax LT SUV! Enjoy that economy and adventurous spirit today. Contact Deery Chevrolet!

Bettendorf Area Chevrolet Dealership - 2019 Chevrolet 1500

Specials and Discounts

In addition to our everyday low price, we offer regular discounts and specials! Come in and check out the daily deals at Brad Deery's. The cars and trucks in our inventory are premium vehicles, and everybody likes to get a price cut. We offer 2018 models at discounted prices regardless of how desirable they are. Check for coupons and cut them out. Bring them in. Do you worry that these cars are too expensive? Come in and get our price, the price you end up paying. You may be surprised. Find out what other people are paying. If you're shopping for a car and you prefer the Chevrolet brand, we have just the vehicle you want. Dealer and discount coupons are updated often, so keep an eye out for the best special you can find. Discover what new car ownership is all about. We offer a smooth buying process because we value our customers.

You want the power that the Information Age gives you, and we're here to help you find the vehicle that's right for you. Fully realize that power. We're your one-stop shopping experience, so if you're surprised when you leave here with a new car, don't be. That's by design.

Bettendorf Area Chevrolet Dealership - 2019 Chevrolet 2500

Finance and Auto Loans

At Brad Deery Motors, we understand the need for financing, and we offer competitive packages designed to get you into a car and off the curb. The application process is simple and easy. Anybody can apply for a loan at Brad Deery Motors. We also take applications online so you can go through the process in the convenience and comfort of your home. If you have any questions, contact Brad Deery Motors, your Chevrolet Dealership near Bettendorf.

You can even realize considerable savings when applying for an auto loan. Whether you apply online or come in as part of your car shopping experience, one of our dedicated and helpful loan officers will get back to you quickly with a quote. One of the advantages of using our financing is that it works into the process of discovering a car you love. Then you can drive it home. Get one of our financial instruments to make it work at your favorite Bettendorf Area Chevrolet dealer today!

Bettendorf Area Chevrolet Dealership - 2019 Chevrolet Traverse
Auto Repair & Service

Don't invest in an automobile without seeing the quality work of our auto repair & services. Our certified mechanics have demonstrated their expertise in General Motor vehicles time and again, and they can repair your car right so you don't have to suffer further work. A lot of that has to do with the fact that the vehicle you buy here has a warranty that we honor. On the other hand, much of what we do displays our discipline and excellence in the auto service area. Regardless of what has gone wrong with your automobile, the technicians at Brad Deery Motors can fix it. A part of what we do is preventive maintenance. We do regular routines on the cars we service because it's the best way to guarantee you trouble-free operation during the time you own your car. The next time you need general maintenance done or you need a quality repair, contact Brad Deery Motors, your Chevrolet Dealership.

Bettendorf Area Chevrolet Dealership - 2019 Chevrolet Equinox
Request Chevrolet Services

In Bettendorf, the question we want to answer first is why you should contact us for our services? We offer Convenience, smart and attractive choices in the inventory, and we believe our financial and auto repair services offer the same smart and attractive benefits. Our new car and truck offerings appeal to the young and the old, and the rural and urban buyer. We offer economical cars with plenty of room to enjoy the ride. Our vehicles are filled with high tech packages and brimming with driving pleasure. The end result of offering such fine vehicles is increased safety and convenient transportation. It's both effective and economical. Come in and test- drive any of our vehicles today and discover how inviting the road is. From trucks with incredible towing packages to compact SUVs with amazing technology, let us help you get into the vehicle of your dreams today. Our dealership lets you see all the angles of these fine vehicles. Our financial services line up the money. Our parts and services dedicate their time and effort to keep you on the road. Call your Bettendorf Area Chevrolet Dealership today. Deery Motors is your Chevrolet Dealership near Bettendorf.

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