2020 Ford Escape - Maquoketa IA

Vehicle Overview

Ford engineers looked at the popular Escape SUV and asked themselves if they could make it better. The result is a completely redesigned utility vehicle. The interior has been improved and expanded. The exterior reimagined and reshaped. All of Ford's new technologies are on board or readily available. The engineers made sure that this ride was built for weekday life on the go and weekend life out for adventure. In this 2020 Ford Escape review, we'll look at the new direction that the Escape is headed and find out what's in store for shoppers at Brad Deery Motors in Maquoketa Iowa.

Maquoketa IA - 2020 Ford Escape Overview

Exterior - 2020 Ford Escape

The new Escape is sure to turn heads. It's made for urban living, keeping the emphasis on staying trim outside while maximizing space inside. When the engineers decided to take the 2020 Ford Escape in a sleeker direction, they knew it needed to bring the world in. So they added a panoramic moonroof to the menu. Auto-on/auto-off High-Beam Headlamps are sure to reduce driver stress at night.

Maquoketa IA - 2020 Ford Escape Exterior

Interior - 2020 Ford Escape near Maquoketa

Clever engineering has led to more space for the 2020 Ford Escape's lucky passengers. That makes the backseat riders, especially teens and adults, happier. The more comfortable seats and redesigned dash bring a sleekness to match the exterior. At 12.3 inches, the new available dash screen lets you decide what you want to see behind your steering wheel. The Sync 3 system just keeps getting better. Users will find navigational tools such as WAZE and home connectivity tools such as Alexa. Smartphones can connect more fully with Apple CarPlay or Android Alexa. The dynamic 10-speaker listening experience from Bang and Olufsen will be available with the 2020 Ford Escape Titanium. You can get a head-up display that puts your speed and other important information at eye level on the windshield. Despite all of the handsome upgrades to the interior, engineers didn't forget that, if there's one thing shoppers want in their SUVs, it's versatility. So the new Escape has special sliding second row seats. This expands the way you can seat people and haul cargo by allowing you more configurations than traditional split-seats. Now you've got splitting, folding and sliding to help you create the space you need.

Maquoketa IA - 2020 Ford Escape Interior
Mechanical - Ford Escape specs near Maquoketa

Ford's expertise in big trucks really pays off with SUVs. Just as they have done for their F150s, engineers are expanding what the SUV's driver modes can do. The new selectable modes on the 2020 Ford Escape will include settings for fuel savings, slippery roads, sand or snow, and sport driving. This allows the driver to harness the traction control system and electronic stability control for the immediate driving conditions. For those who choose an AWD model, they can get AWD disconnect and enjoy better fuel economy when they don't need all-wheel drive assistance.

Maquoketa IA - 2020 Ford Escape Mechanical
Powertrain - Ford Escape specs near Maquoketa IA

Four powertrains will be offered on the Escape at Brad Deery Motors. Each one helps reduce fuel use. The regular gas engines include a 1.5L Ecoboost and a 2.0L Ecoboost. Both offer a higher level of power while requiring a lower level of fuel intake. They also have automatic stop-start. This cuts the engine at redlights or in the fast food drivethrough, but it's always ready the second you lift your foot from the brake. The first ever plug-in hybrid Escape will debut for 2020. This remarkable machine uses electricity to reduce your dependence on gasoline. You can also choose a regular hybrid that doesn't require plugging in. This Atkinson-cycle engine is paired with hybrid technology to provide good horsepower and torque with far less fuel. This 2020 Ford Escape review can only use words to tell you how remarkable these engines are. A test drive can tell you so much more.

Safety - 2020 Ford Escape dealer

While the designers were changing the looks and the spaciousness of the Escape, others were looking at its safety features. It has a good safety record in its current form, and every effort was made to ensure that the new body would be just as protective. Even better, Ford Co-Pilot360â„¢ Technology will be available to keep families out of harm's way. The driver in Maquoketa Iowa can utilize BLIS, a blind spot system that doubles as a Cross Traffic Alert when you are backing out. A pre-collision assist can reduce the chances of damage in a crash. Automatic emergency braking may prevent the crash altogether. A lane keeping system works to help the Escape maintain a safe trajectory. The Escape can make parking safer too. Active Park Assist 2.0 works with a push of a button. This system will help you locate an appropriate perpendicular or parallel spot. The driver shifts into neutral and pushes the park assist button. Then it does the rest. All of this technology should reduce the chances of fender benders and big crashes, protecting your Escape investment and your precious family members.

This 2020 Ford Escape review is really just a sneak peak. To get a closer look at the new Escape, you'll want to visit Brad Deery Motors in Maquoketa Iowa.

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