2019 Ford Super Duty near Platteville WI

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Brad Deery Ford - 2019 Ford Super Duty near Platteville WI

Brad Deery Ford – 2019 Ford Super Duty near Platteville WI

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Brad Deery Ford is proud to announce that we will be selling them all-new 2019 Ford Super Duty. The 2019 Ford Super Duty is a specialty work truck. With that being said, this truck will only be sold at a limited amount of dealerships throughout the nation. If you are interested in the 2019 Ford Super Duty, please contact Brad Deery Ford. In addition to serving Iowa residents, Brad Deery Ford is also a dealership that is proud to serve the Platteville, WI area. If you are a Platteville, WI resident, Brad Deery Ford is only a short trip away! You can conveniently take US-61 North all the way to our dealership!

The 2019 Super Duty is an amazing work utility vehicle. Ford has made some moderate but essential changes to this year’s model. If you have been considering purchasing a Ford Super Duty truck, please read this review to become knowledgeable about the truck’s new features.

Before purchasing a Super Duty truck, you should know that the truck comes in many different sizes. Super Duty trucks can be purchased in the sizes of 250, 350, and 450. The higher the number, the bigger the truck! Usually, the bigger trucks can tow more weight than the smaller Super Duty trucks. Regardless of what size truck you may need, they are all good trucks!

Exterior – 2019 Ford Super Duty

The exterior of the 2019 Super Duty has been slightly upgraded. Although it’s a work vehicle, the 2019 Super Duty has some sporty finishes on the outside of the truck. The grille and headlights on the truck have been revamped. The grille now looks handsome and strong. Also, the headlights on the vehicle are LED equip. Customers who use the Super Duty truck for work will be excited to know that the body of the bed has been made from high-quality aluminum that is military-grade. The military-grade aluminum bed prevents the vehicle from fishtailing less often due to the stronger fame. The 2019 Super Duty also comes with a new and improved tailgate step, power running boards, storage running boards, power locking liftgate, and storable loading ramps. These features are only available with the 2019 model Super Duty trucks. The 2019 Super Duty is capable of towing up to 34,000 pounds, depending on which size truck you purchase.

Interior – Platteville WI Area 2019 Ford Super Duty

The interior of the Super Duty is functional and extremely comfortable. The seats of the Super Duty are extremely plush and wide. Passengers in the front and rear of the vehicle both have a substantial amount of knee room. Passengers in the front of the vehicle can adjust their seats as far back as they’d like without interfering with passengers in the rear. Also, the Ford Super Duty can seat a 7-foot passenger comfortably. The vehicle has an extraordinary amount of headroom. Moreover, the Super Duty is very convenient for those who may need special accommodations. Driver’s of the 2019 Super Duty will be able to adjust driving pedals and the steering wheel if needed.

Mechanical – Ford Super Duty specs near Platteville WI

The 2019 Super Duty is fairly easy to maintain. The manufacture recommends that you use Flex-fuel for the Super Duty’s gasoline needs. Flex-fuel is perfect for the 2019 Super Duty because it provides a dual blend of gasoline that helps the vehicle drive and function better. If you have questions regarding fuel intake on the 2019 Super Duty, please contact us here at Brad Deery Ford. Additionally, your vehicle will come with a 36 month, 36,000-mile warranty for mechanical repairs.

Powertrain – Ford Super Duty specs near Platteville Area

After purchasing your 2019 Super Duty truck, it will come with a 60 month or 60,000-mile warranty for powertrain repairs. The powertrain warranty also comes along with roadside assistance benefits until your vehicle reaches 60,000 miles. So far, the 2019 Super Duty is available in two different trims, the XL LB and the LXT LB. No matter which trim you decide to purchase, your truck will come standard with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Safety – 2019 Ford Super Duty dealer

At Brad Deery Ford, we believe that safety is very important. With the technology that comes with the 2019 Super Duty, we are confident that this is a safe truck. This Super Duty truck comes standard with functioning seat belts and airbags for each passenger who rides inside the vehicle. The truck also comes equipped with a blind-spot and tire pressure monitoring system. Also, the truck is equipped with a trailer tow camera system. So far, the truck has received a 4/5 on its safety test administered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

After reading this phenomenal review on the 2019 Super Duty, we are sure that you are eager to test drive this truck! Please contact our sales department today, and we will quickly and efficiently answer all questions that you may have. Don’t hesitate to give us a call: (563) 746-2067. If you are in the area, you can also stop by the dealership: 112 N 2nd ST, Maquoketa IA 52060. Brad Deery Ford has been serving Iowa and Platteville, WI residents for several years now! Our friendly staff members are eager to assist you, contact Brad Deery Ford today! Also serving Maquoketa, Dubuque, Clinton, and Cedar Rapids Iowa.

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