2019 Ford Focus in Maquoketa Iowa

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Passengers riding in this new 2019 Focus from Ford will appreciate the roll control and the flexibility in the damping when necessary. Even the seats of the 2019 Ford Focus offer a perfect level of firmness. On the other hand, the new Focus is highly technological. The front suspension is correctly hooked while the rear offers up a great deal of pleasure on curvy roads, and this car does this all with a preserved level of comfort. And if the new Ford offers more than its rivals, this fact is explained on the one hand by the fact that Ford has also improved the equipment provided by the first level of finish. On the other hand, you should also rejoice because Ford has introduced plenty of new material for the latest version of its next-generation 2019 Ford Focus. This automobile offers some fabulous attributes. With more than 4 million units of this legendary vehicle having been produced, this automobile is even able to boast that for some years, this vehicle was one of the best-selling cars in the world.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Focus Overview

Exterior - 2019 Ford Focus

The large glass surfaces provide an excellent level of visibility, and the subdued presence on the top of the windshield of an advanced block containing electronic sensors will not cause any issues. The long wheelbase helps to create a slim design. This automobile is the result of a brand new platform, which enhances the comfort and the overall quality of the finish. This remarkable model also offers a wide range of terrific bodywork and some advanced engines. If you would like to take a look at a 2019 Ford Focus in Maquoketa, then you will need to go over to Brad Deery Motors, a Maquoketa Ford dealership which is preoccupied with serving Maquoketa Dubuque Davenport Iowa.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Focus Exterior

Interior - 2019 Ford Focus in Maquoketa

The trunk is in the middle of the segment with regards to its size. This new 2019 Focus from Ford is not under-equipped and, on the other hand, it is also possible to enrich the essential equipment with a significant number of features that offer the immense merit of not adding too much to the bill. The modularity is classic (60/40), and the volume then passes a level which places the Focus in the average of the category. At the front, the impressive feeling of space is genuine, and this is not diminished by the presence of an imposing central console. This interior was specially designed by the cabin designers at Ford to create a remarkable cockpit-like driving position for drivers. The fabulous display at the top of the beautiful dashboard centralizes almost all of the infotainment functions while a premium wheel that will enable a driver to efficiently manage the top-notch automatic gearbox has also appeared. This layout is similar to what individuals would find with the automobiles offered by the Land Rover and the Jaguar manufacturers. Here, this car takes advantage of some specific treatments, both regarding cooling, cylinder head alloys, and the adjustments, to offer a fantastic level of both torque and power.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Focus Interior
Mechanical - Ford Focus specs in Maquoketa IA

This new 2019 Focus from Ford has a suspension that is undoubtedly quite controlled and smooth, and there aren’t too many issues even on degraded roads. This automobile is dynamic, and it also remains comfortable for daily use. Options are available such as an induction charger, electric seats, heated seats, an impressive panoramic power sunroof, a highly efficient Bang & Olufsen sound system, top-notch full LED headlights adaptable to traffic, and a terrific head-up display. The list is extensive and lengthy. The result of an unprecedented and advanced global development program, this state of the art Ford Focus has seen its high-quality production start in both the United States and Germany. The feeling of softness and pleasure at the wheel is primarily due to a gearbox that is very terrific to use. If you wish to experiment with a 2019 Ford Focus in Maquoketa, then you ought to head over to Brad Deery Motors, a Maquoketa Ford dealership that is focused on serving Maquoketa Dubuque Davenport Iowa.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Focus Mechanical
Powertrain - Ford Focus specs in Maquoketa

Racing enthusiasts will be interested to know that this 2019 Ford Focus can travel at a top speed of more than 165 miles per hour for the RS version. While driving in cities, the transmission of the Focus rarely suffers from any issues with its torque converter. Thus you will not have any problems which may lead to either low-speed skating or jolts in traffic jams. The gearbox control is very well guided, quite firm, and pleasant to handle. As for the effective manual transmission control, it is undoubtedly one of the best in the segment.

Safety - 2019 Ford Focus dealer

The work on the fantastic chassis was also particularly successful in improving its dynamism with a guided front axle, and this fabulous automobile has no body roll and no understeer. Already exceptional, the incredible Focus' level of performance has been even further enhanced. The Focus is equipped with what Ford calls Co-Pilot 360, the top-notch safety arsenal that has become standard on this manufacturer’s latest models, which includes sign recognition, an emergency avoidance assistance, blind spot monitoring, pedestrian and cyclist detection, adaptive cruise control, high beam management, automatic parking, and autonomous emergency braking.


If you desire to test out a 2019 Ford Focus in Maquoketa, then you should visit Brad Deery Motors, a Maquoketa Ford dealership serving Maquoketa Dubuque Davenport Iowa.

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