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2019 Ford Explorer in Maquoketa IA

Vehicle Overview

This car is an out of this world vehicle, and it is indeed more modern than many of its competitors. Furthermore, you should consider the fact that this is also one of the most upscale cars in the world. Thus, the American automaker considers it to be a premium model. Therefore, you should keep in mind that objectively, this car has no defects. Furthermore, as a further illustration of this top of the line car's features: The strip above the glove box in front of the passenger seat is quite perfect in this rather neat leather universe, and the black plastic around the center console and the gearshift are quite high-end. Hence, you might want to give some thought to the fact that this new 2019 Explorer is a neat and pleasant car.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Explorer Overview

Exterior - 2019 Ford Explorer

Also, you may wonder: “This Ford Explorer, what does it look like on the road?” Well, I must say that with regards to its fabulous dimensions, this car does not go unnoticed. Launched about the same time as the new Mustang, this new 2019 Explorer, which has become one of the brand's flagship models, also aims to give even more luster to a brand that already has a legendary reputation in the US. Additionally, the Explorer consumes a minimal amount of fuel, and this is especially impressive if you consider its size. The result is a very successful car, with comfort, personality, and well-equipped features. The fabulous engine also manages to set this automobile in motion. Hence, you should understand that this car is fantastic, at least from a qualitative point of view. Its very square style, which is intended to be manly, seeks to impose itself - which is the hallmark of this type of model. In any case, with its optional out of this world paint, leather, and 20-inch chrome wheels, it is quite remarkable in traffic. Therefore, this Explorer attracts the eyes, especially since it is beautiful to look at, even when you're stuck in traffic.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Explorer Exterior

Interior - 2019 Ford Explorer in Maquoketa

Generously equipped with a ton of practical features, the new 2019 Explorer also provides tons of great features with its fabulous state of the art equipment. Hence, you ought to also bear in mind that this a product supplied by a brand that has positioned itself presently at the top of the range. Additionally, the quality of the finish is extraordinary, and this car remains incredibly satisfactory with a fabulously beautiful dashboard equipped with multiple impressive storage spaces. Therefore, the Ford Explorer can compete with all its rivals concerning elegance. In conclusion, this Ford car is beautiful in many respects. Furthermore, you should consider the fact that the GPS system is also a treat to use. The cargo compartment is also a right size, with more room with the triple backrests folded down. Also, because you now comprehend substantially more on the subject of the 2019 Ford Explorer, you might want to learn more about a 2019 Ford Explorer in Maquoketa. Furthermore, and for this very reason, you may be tempted to have a look at Brad Deery Motors, a high-quality Maquoketa Ford dealership that focuses primarily on accommodating automobile owners in Maquoketa Iowa.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Explorer Interior
Mechanical - Ford Explorer specs in Maquoketa IA

The easy-to-use multimedia touchscreen has refinements such as the heated steering wheel, power-operated tailgate or the Active Noise Control system, which functions as a top of the line noise-canceling headset. It is in the high average of the prices in the category and equivalent to slightly higher models with its top of the line equipment. This car also includes a fantastic active noise reduction system in the cabin. This Ford is dynamic for its weight, impressive torque, and reasonably firm suspensions, in other words, once again, Ford has found the right balance between comfort and handling. Also, because you no doubt now know a great deal more with regards to the 2019 Ford Explorer, it is advisable for you to find out more about a 2019 Ford Explorer in Maquoketa. Hence, because of these facts, you may also desire to take a look at Brad Deery Motors, a reputable Maquoketa Ford dealership that specializes in assisting vehicle owners in Maquoketa Iowa.

Powertrain - Ford Explorer specs in Maquoketa

This car's engine is so powerful that there is almost nothing to do for the driver because this car can handle everything, with the automobile, automatically switching its handling if the situation requires it. It also has a good price/equipment ratio in the intermediate finish levels, which includes the following: keyless start, heated wheels, a navigation system, heated seats, and real all-around qualities.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Explorer Mechanical
Safety - 2019 Ford Explorer dealer

And for the rear, the rearview camera is a great help. The finish is also superior to its American rivals, in line with what is expected in from premium brands, and its competitors will have a hard time competing with this state of the art offering from Ford. This latest generation Explorer displays a perfect demonstration of Ford's incredible automotive know-how. Hence, the company only wants its customers to be satisfied, and the organization provides the proof of this desire with this fabulous car.


In light of these facts, and now that you know more about the 2019 Ford Explorer, you should check out a 2019 Ford Explorer in Maquoketa. Hence, you ought to visit Brad Deery Motors. Also, this company is state of the art Maquoketa Ford dealership that focuses on helping out motorists in Maquoketa Iowa.

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