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The new engine of the 2019 Ford Escape fits like a glove, and the motor is quiet, comfortable, and economical. SUV customers have started to understand that this 2019 Ford Escape is very incredible, and they are celebrating the amazing features provided by this Ford automobile. Longer, but also narrower, it displays more dynamic, and more exceptional curves.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Escape Overview

Exterior - 2019 Ford Escape

A world vehicle par excellence, since it will be marketed in more than 100 countries, the Ford Escape is, therefore, the subject of certain specific design strategies, particularly regarding style. This look is relatively simple but gives an impression of robustness. With generously inflated wings, a plunging body belt, and reduced overhangs, the profile is downright athletic. A little narrower, therefore, it is nevertheless easily recognizable despite an apparent change in size. When it was launched, the Escape embodied the renewal of SUVs with a very sporty style characterized by its grille, its dual exhaust pipes, and its ample use of chrome. The Escape has just offered itself an attractive restyling coupled with the arrival of an upgraded engine.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Escape Exterior

Interior - 2019 Ford Escape in Maquoketa

Fortunately, the new version of the 2019 Ford Escape doesn't change much, and the leather-upholstered all over the cabin complements a somewhat luxurious presentation. The other new feature in the automobile is its Apple Carplay and Android auto compatibility. If the bench is not sliding, the seat back inclination can be adjusted, increasing the trunk space. The dashboard is well assembled, its plastics in the lower part to impress, and the ergonomics have been improved. A large number of buttons that were once a source of confusion has been revised, and the center console is much more logical. The seats are more comfortable at the front than at the rear due to the reclining rear seatbacks. Space is vast inside the Escape, especially in the second row because the central tunnel of the all-wheel drive is discreet under the floor. The most important thing is to know that the Escape knows how to welcome its passengers generously: both front and rear, there is more than enough space. Also, you can also connect your smartphone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. It is more logical and easier to use, especially since the screen is capacitive, like that of a smartphone. At the back, there are also pockets and storage under the floor. Once installed, the available space is quite sufficient, and the driver quickly finds the driving position that suits his best thanks to the electrically adjustable seat in height, length, and inclination, as well as the depth and height adjustable steering wheel.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Escape Interior
Mechanical - Ford Escape specs in Maquoketa IA

It then provides the optimal power for each wheel with the following passage that goes unnoticed by the driver. The excellent suspensions, very well cushioned, never shake. Although a little noisier, the diesel engine surprises me just as much with its noise control and the quality of the suspension's filtration. Your experience with this automobile will probably focus on several aspects of the vehicle, including its aesthetics, the mastery of the tools on board and its driving experience compared to the competition. The two engines show an absolute silence, a nice lengthening, as well as an abundant torque at low RPM. You ought to go over to Brad Deery Motors in Maquoketa Iowa. They'll help you examine a 2019 Ford Escape in Maquoketa.

Powertrain - Ford Escape specs in Maquoketa

On the consumption side, finally, the engine is doing better. As for the model's enthusiasts, they will be happy to know that the Escape is still one of the most pleasant SUVs to drive in the segment. The engine doesn't seem to consume much fuel, and you will not find it even a little noisy at high speed. Permanent all-wheel drive provides a high level of handling. I appreciate the fact that driving accuracy has increased. I am a fan of these types of options, and I should also recognize that they are more logical and easier to use. Driving the Escape is an operation simplified by a relatively fast and well-guided gearbox control. The gearbox handles well, and the performance is good, thanks to the powerful engine. The Escape is tranquil, to such an extent that its silent operation can also be considered a significant quality of the car. I suggest you stop by Brad Deery Motors in Maquoketa Iowa. They'll let you look into a 2019 Ford Escape in Maquoketa.

Maquoketa IA - 2019 Ford Escape Mechanical
Safety - 2019 Ford Escape dealer

You can add Ford sync 3 with an 8-inch touchscreen, 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless start, automatic climate control, power folding mirrors, reversing radar, reversing radar, automatic headlamp and wiper activation, keyless entry, and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay. A rearview camera is also available for a reasonable price, and the panoramic sunroof is exceptionally well designed. The first trim level already offers much more than the basics: keyless start, abs, manual air conditioning, fog lamps, 17" alloy wheels, power front and rear windows, power outside mirrors and defrosters, sports front seats, six airbags, manually adjustable driver's seat, esp and TCS traction control system, height and depth adjustable leather steering wheel, and an onboard computer. This automobile is very impressive because it is efficient and very rigorous.


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