2018 Ford Super Duty near Davenport IA

Vehicle Overview

Whether you speak of the F-250, F-350 or the F-450, the Super Duty lineup from Ford hands you the ultimate in pick-ups. This headlining trio has a lightweight aluminum body, and you have the optional Power Stroke diesel if needed. With the F-450, you have towing capabilities of up to 32,500 pounds, which easily tops its competitors. The latest in Super Duty trucks also have some of the latest and greatest tech features like useful towing assist and emergency braking when needed. While inside of the serene and quiet cabin, you enjoy a pleasurable and smooth ride. To learn more, check out the 2018 Ford Super Duty near Davenport.

Davenport IA - 2018 Ford Super Duty's Overview

Exterior - 2018 Ford Super Duty

When it comes to the exterior of the truck, you have a wonderful vehicle with the most brilliant design. You get 11 exciting choices in colors that will match the Ford with your stylish personality. This truck is visually stunning, and you can pick out the truck to see what it looks like to decide what you like. In terms of exterior, you have a rather aggressive exterior in the lineup, but it seems to fit with the brand well enough. With the 2018 Ford Super Duty near Davenport, you will see a great vehicle for a great value that is worth checking out.

Davenport IA - 2018 Ford Super Duty's Exterior

Interior - 2018 Ford Super Duty near Davenport IA

The 2018 Ford Super Duty at Brad Deery Motors comes with some excellent perks on the interior of the vehicle. For example, you have premium quality with the interior and a two-tone leather seating and a classy ash-wood trim. This distinguished exterior has a grille designed especially for a beautiful ride, and the unique badging lets everyone know that you bought the best 2018 Ford Super Duty truck. This is the best that money can buy. The higher the trim chosen, the better the cabin's interior becomes. For example, the Lariat has a standard leather-trimmed front seating, and you enjoy all the perks of automatic dual-zone climate control and a 10-speak audio system from Sony. Visit Brad Deery Motors serving Davenport Iowa. We're a short drive from Davenport.

Davenport IA - 2018 Ford Super Duty's Interior
Mechanical - Ford Super Duty specs near Davenport IA

When you look at the technology in the 2018 Ford Super Duty at Brad Deery Motors, this is where the truck shines. You truly feel like you have a modern truck for this year. For example, you have innovative features like the in-cab trailer-tire-pressure monitor, and you have the trailer reverse guidance system. The multiple cameras and the steering guidance system also make this look phenomenal. You can hook up the hitch easily and start your ride. In addition, you have the driver-assist technology. This is a truck worth checking out if only for the technology becomes it comes with so much. You also have an 8.0-inch Sync 3 touchscreen that has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. With the 8.0-inch touchscreen, you can optimize the F-350 and its towing capacity. If you want better-towing capabilities, we highly recommend the Tow Technology package.

Powertrain - Ford Super Duty specs near Davenport Area

If you do select the diesel engine, you have the benefit of far greater torque. When it comes to the engine, you receive a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine, and you can run it up to 450-horsepower. With both of the engines, you have a six-speed automatic transmission, and these heavy-duty trucks have great acceleration. For example, the F-250 can accelerate from zero to 60 in 6.7 seconds. If you'd like to learn more about our trucks, we're a short drive from Davenport, and we sell the Ford brand with pride. This is a phenomenal brand to drive to work.

Davenport IA - 2018 Ford Super Duty's Mechanical
Safety - 2018 Ford Super Duty dealer

When it comes to the safety of this truck, you have a decent truck with some impressive features. However, it will also depend on the trim and size of the truck chosen. When the NHTSA looked at the 2018 F-250, they awarded this vehicle a five-star rating for its side-impact testing. When the NHTSA looked at the rollover crashes for this vehicle, they gave it four stars out of five. Meanwhile, the four-wheel drive trucks received a slightly lower rating out three stars out of five. With this truck, you also receive a blindspot monitoring system, and you have a rear cross-traffic alert system that keeps you safe on the road. The lane-keeping assist technology is also a welcome improvement. If you'd like to learn more, visit our dealership serving Davenport Iowa. We're a short drive from Davenport.

Why should people choose the 2018 Ford Super Duty near Davenport? You should choose this vehicle especially if you need a tough work truck because this truck gives you the ability to haul your workload better. When you speak with our dealership, we will schedule a free test drive so that you can decide if this is the vehicle for you. We're serving Davenport Iowa, and we love giving customers a vision of what's possible in a new vehicle. We love helping our customers to dream big when it comes to their next truck. The ride quality of any one of the Super Duty trucks is one of the reasons that you would want to check out this vehicle. It can carry a big payload, and at the same time, you ride in comfort and class. One of the fun facts about the F-250 is that while they construct the body mainly out of aluminum, the rest of the truck uses steel for it.

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